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Project - Votre Cercle de Vie

The project is to build a competence center in the heart of Château-d’Oex (VD) whose mission is to meet the challenges of our society by creating the link between humanity and nature through agriculture.


The project brings together on a single site a biodynamic farm, an educational eco-hotel, a holistic restaurant, a wellness and natural health area, and training facilities to raise awareness and educate about the transition. It is surrounded by an educational park and land cultivated using regenerative agriculture.

The building is innovative because the architecture is organic with a green roof and walls. In addition, it integrates its own energy production sources as well as water collection and wastewater treatment systems. The construction, furnishings, and restaurant operate on a circular economy model.


Project mission

The ecosystem of Votre Cercle de Vie is on a mission to develop and implement a local, inclusive and regenerative circular economic model. Throughout its developments, it aims to demonstrate the feasibility, functionality, financial viability and replicability of this model and thus respond concretely to the climate and societal challenges of our time by creating the link between humanity and nature through agriculture.

“A sustainable future begins with anchoring humanity to its land, as agriculture is an umbilical cord between living beings and nature. »

Esther and Nicolas Mottier

Two buildings are planned:

  • The main building Bovino

  • The second building Planto

Outdoor facilities with bio-ecological gardens, play areas, Kneipp trail, places of relaxation and resources are planned on one hectare.

Two buildings are planned:

The main building, Bovino, will house the farm, the restaurant, multi-activity rooms, guest rooms, natural wellness, renewable energy production and water recycling.


In the second building, Planto, there will be a zero-waste organic store, naturopathy and medical practices as well as a training room with dormitories.


Current project team

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